Meet The team

Meet Tulsa Pack Athletics fantastic and dedicated group of trainers, interns that have completed our apprenticeship program, and network trainers!  Each one of them special in their own way,  They bring Jerri's vision to life by teaching the art of dog training to each owner so that they can live the best life possible with not only this dog, but all your future dogs! Every trainer comes from a different area of the world together here for this virtual dog training vision.  These amazing humans are here to help you on your journey anyway that they can, and they do!  From providing constructive feedback, to answering questions, to showing new skills...they will have you working in structure and foundation in no time!  During training you’ll be paired with someone Jerri feels would be the best fit for you and your dog.  Every dog and every owner are different and the training is tailored to what is best for your DOG first and foremost.

Pack Trainers

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JDHTraining, dog trainer, Jerome, and his dog: Donny


Hey, my name is Jerome and I am a UK based Balanced Dog Trainer. I aspire to train dogs and help owners full time, to change the perspective and expectations for owning a dog and to reshape the myths and general assumptions around dogs.

I believe in building strong, confident and trustful relationships between owners and dogs and I strive to lead by example.

I began training my own dog, working through reactivity and breaking down what our relationship was and rebuilding it to what it needed to be.

Although I am fairly new to the dog training world, I am confident in my knowledge, communication and execution.

vancouver, British Columbia

(bobbys angels k9)

My name is Zoe and I live in Vancouver BC. I work as a veterinary assistant and have a huge passion for dogs! Since training my own dog and discovering the special bond you create with your dog through training, I am excited to help other people and their dogs through this experience as well. I love hiking with my canine friends, fostering, and stealing my friends dogs for sleepovers and beach runs! Animals are my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Zoe and Hugo
Chelsea, dog trainer, and her dog, Jax

A bit...Chelsea

Pittsburgh, PA and travels

HI!! I’m Chelsea and I’m from a suburb North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I run all of the stuff behind the scenes at Tulsa Pack Athletics and I’m an animal behaviorist and dog trainer.  I'm working towards traveling on the road full time. The time I get to spend with my new dog (Nigel - not pictured) molding him has been very helpful.  I’ve always loved animals. My first job was at Petsmart and it’s been all animals ever since.  I got my bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Penn State (WE ARE!!!). Which is basically animal behavior and science mixed with medicine.  Since then I’ve been working in the medical field and gaining my experience until I branched off with Jerri, helping her behind the scenes with TPA.  We go way back as veterinary technicians together in Tulsa, OK.  

Trainers From completed apprenticeship

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Mariah, Emma, and Jax

Hi! I’m Mariah Carter and I live in Sumter SC. I have always had a passion to work with dogs. When I started training my own dogs I completely fell in love with training. I have always wanted a job where I get to help others and that’s exactly what I am doing! I am so excited that I get the chance to make a difference and help others create a strong bond with their dog!


Northern new york

For the longest time I've always wanted to work with dogs in some way.  When I got Colt my love for dogs grew even more.  I found Jerri on social media and then began applying her tips and tricks to our everyday life.  His behavior started to improve in ways I never thought possible, and that's where my passion for training started.  I contacted Jerri, got on her apprenticeship waiting list, and as soon as I started the program, I knew it was for me!  The knowledge I learned about training and dog behavior in general was so empowering.  I want to share so much of what I've learned with everyone to help them live their best life with their dog, because every dog (and owner) deserves that! 

Corey Kohl and .PNG

Hey all I'm Jenny!! I got Nelly in 2013 and I started training dogs in 2015.  I became a dog trainer for a company called Petco. I The Senior Dog Trainer & Mentor for Petco.  That just means I train the new trainers and take them through the dog trainer instructor program. 


I am here because the open minded approach resonates with me and because petco is strictly force free I was not able to help so many dogs and I want to be able to offer help to as many dogs and their owners as possible. According to the ASPCA over 400,000 dogs are euthanized each year due to behavioral issues. These are dogs that had familie; they can be helped!! My goal is to own my own dog training business here in Las Vegas and spreading the word about the open minded approach. Another reason why I am here is who wouldn’t want to learn from Jerri and the rest of Tulsa Pack Athletics trainers?!? 

My hope is that I will become confident through my internship and then finally follow my dream of doing it on my own. I also have two teenagers that I raise that takes up a big part of my life outside of dog training.

Jenny and Nelly.jpg
Alexa and Rosie.jpeg

I’ve grown up my whole life living in a revolving door for the sick senior dogs that needed foster homes, which gave me a love for dogs that never stops growing. I’ve always had a strong interest in the behavior/psychological side of dogs, and once the pandemic hit, there was no better time to dive in. My determination to learn grew when I rescued my own reactive pit bull in college from a kill shelter. She began reacting to my other dogs at home and I had various trainers tell me that she was “untrainable” due to her behaviors. Since then, I’ve used her as my motivator to help misunderstood dogs get the necessary training they need to find and keep loving homes. I’m looking forward to being able to help families with their dogs’ needs as well.

I currently have four dogs at home, but Rosie, my youngest pup, and I have been working on cleaning up her manners and impulsivity. She is a little over a year and her obedience could use some sharpening. I have been working on training all four dogs with proper leash walking and structure throughout the house.  I have now been training for about a year and a half and have fallen in love with Jerri’s philosophy and techniques. I finally reached out last Spring asking to shadow her and learn from her, and now here we are! I am so excited to progress in my training abilities and be able to better develop my own dogs at home, too. This is something I have always wanted to do and learn and I’m eager to show my development.

Warrington, PA

Las Vegas, Nevada

Trainers Around the world

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Philadelphia, PA

Mattison here!  I've been a dog trainer for almost 6 years, but only this year decided to leave my corporate career behind to train dogs full time.  I have an amazing team of trainers and apprentices at my school, Furever Learning Dog Training School outside of Philadelphia, PA.  


My greatest passion is to break down the communication barrier between humans and their canine companions.  Jerri has been a mentor and shining light in my life, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Tulsa Pack and offer virtual training to dog owners around the world.

Mattison Skoog
Chris Yang and Beau.jpeg

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hello! I am Chris Yang and I am a trainer out of Minneapolis, MN. Like most, my dog training journey started with owning my first dog. It’s funny how owning a dog isn’t what you really think it is and if you’re open and willing, it takes you down this road of exploration and self improvement. That’s what I really enjoy about this and wish to help others with.


Since starting my business (Canine Chris) in 2021, I’ve had a blast helping dog owners learn more about their dogs, how to better communicate to, and how to lead their dogs. It’s so rewarding when you see clients have that “light bulb” moment. My goal is to help owners live a more enjoyable life with their dogs.