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About me

Hey, my name is Jerome and I am a UK based Balanced Dog Trainer. I aspire to train dogs and help owners full time, to change the perspective and expectations for owning a dog and to reshape the myths and general assumptions around dogs.

I believe in building strong, confident and trustful relationships between owners and dogs and I strive to lead by example.

I began training my own dog, working through reactivity and breaking down what our relationship was and rebuilding it to what it needed to be.

Although I am fairly new to the dog training world, I am confident in my knowledge, communication and execution.

Exploring topics, thoughts, concepts Expanding upon knowledge, handling and canine interactions Calm, meditative, energetic flow

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Virtual Training

Virtual Packages through Tulsa Pack Athletics are available for everyone.  You'll explore concepts and learn daily from Jerome

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One on One Training

Local to Peterborough? Learn about handling and canine and interactions while exploring current thoughts and concepts of training

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Single Sessions

Need a refresher? Maybe you just got a new puppy and can't do a whole lot yet.  Book a single session with me.

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Package Sessions

A way to explore thoughts and expand upon knowledge over many sessions.